Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Community Relations

At AIH, we manage our business in such a way that our stake holders are included in the decision making process. This is one of the main principles of our corporate Code of Ethics and is part of the organizational ethics included in all our decisions.


Our most important asset is the employees working for the companies in AIH. There are more than 2,500 employees in the fourteen subsidiaries.

At AIH, the plurality of our employees reflects the different sectors we cover, and therefore we manage diversity from the cultural, social and economic perspective. Each stakeholder has a rather wide range of expectations, which we have to take into consideration when defining our policies and values.

A very important aspect is the fact of defining the unique and common corporate values of the Company, as part of the process to strengthen the corporate culture that strive to create synergies, without overlooking the important role each company plays in the holding.

Bearing this in mind, AIH has focused all the efforts in 2013 in four main aspects:

  • Training and Development
  • Programs of Compensation and Performance
  • Welfare programs
  • Internal Communication

Regarding social wellbeing, different activities have been carried out that have contributed to prevent health issues, to promote fraternal bonds and to improve motivation in the workplace, such as:

  • Preventive health campaigns (general medicine, laboratory, ophthalmic, odontology, nutritional) nationwide.
  • Oncologic preventive information
  • Influenza immunization campaigns
  • Massage, facial treatments, relaxation therapies campaign
  • Health campaigns
  • Company´s Olympic games
  • Celebration in special dates: Children´s Day, Mother´s Day, Father´s Day, Anniversary of the Company, Christmas.
  • Annual corporate celebration day for all employees of the AIH holding, thus celebrating this date in all the branches in the provinces.

Regarding internal communication in our companies, we have the following newsletters:

  • El Navegante (Neptunia).
  • Cosmonotas (Cosmos).
  • A Buen Puerto (Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos).

Those are printed out, and the Boletín Andino [Andean Newsletter] has been relaunched electronically.

The newsletters deal with news that interest the specific public of each Company.

At the same time and focusing on our shareholders, there is an online newsletter set out by AIH where the main press release and important facts are included.