Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Community Relations

At AIH, we manage our business in such a way that our stake holders are included in the decision making process. This is one of the main principles of our corporate Code of Ethics and is part of the organizational ethics included in all our decisions.


The area of influence is broad, since our companies cover the whole country. At AIH want to find a balance between the operation and the company environment, by allowing the growth of the company, society while protecting the environment.

Social Fund – TPE
The concession contract of the port of Paita stipulates setting up a social fund, which is a management system of the resources to implement the sustainable development programs that will benefit the population of Paita.
The Social Fund commits 2% of the net monthly revenue of TPE. As of December 2013, this contribution is above S/.6’500,000.00, an amount that is allocated for education and infrastructure initiatives.
Below are the programs developed with the support of the Fund:

  • Writing and Reading Program Read to Grow [Leer para Crecer]. The program was implemented two years ago, as a result of the alliance between the civil association Empresarios por la Educación and the Department of Education of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. The objective is to improve the teaching performance of the teachers at primary education and it benefits directly the education community: students, school authorities, parents. There are currently 7 000 beneficiaries. The cost of the program in the second year of intervention totals S/. 815,039.46. The comprehensive approach includes the accompaniment and tailor made consultancy, interactive learning groups, demonstration sessions, training workshops, educational material for each school year of basic education(guidelines for teachers and work books for students). There are 10 public schools participating in the province of Paita.
  • Program for PRONOEI Infrastructure Development: It aims to implement works for infrastructure improvement and construction of new spaces in PRONOEI premises (Out-of-School Pre-Nursery Education Programs) in Paita, to create conditions that foster the educational development of promoters (PRONOEI ‘teachers’) and children within an innovative educational design. Currently, 7 PRONEI selected are undergoing the legal clearing of the property in order to start building, and that will encompass the infrastructure, furniture, educational material and mechanic games, among others.


Aeropuertos Andinos del Perú – AAP

In order to promote the handicrafts and the talent of the city of Ayacucho, AAP, with the support of the Provincial Municipality of Huamanga and the Regional Department of Foreign Trade and Tourism organized the UNKO Fair and Handicraft Competition, where the winners were awarded and had the chance to show their pieces of work at the airport terminal of Ayacucho.

Regarding the Environmental Management, the weighting of solid waste and segregation of reusable solid waste continued in 2013. Furthermore, a sanitary facility was built in the Juliaca Airport to properly store solid waste and to train all AAP staff and its contractors on solid waste management. Additionally, meetings were held with the Facilitation, Security and Emergency Committee and the Animals Committee, in Puerto Maldonado and Juliaca, with the support of local and regional authorities.