Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Community Relations

At AIH, we manage our business in such a way that our stake holders are included in the decision making process. This is one of the main principles of our corporate Code of Ethics and is part of the organizational ethics included in all our decisions.


In accordance with our Code of Ethics, we are very transparent in terms of our management, and where illegal practices in order to obtain personal or commercial advantages are totally prohibited and subject to legal sanctions, where applicable

Likewise, and according to our Code, we make sure our working environment fully respects human rights, therefore avoiding any type of discrimination, exclusion, harassment or any act that may affect the dignity of human beings, thus ensuring to treat clients with respect. Our companies have personnel specifically assigned to each client in order to promote a tailor made treatment, taking care completely of their requests, queries and concerns. Our staff in the commercial departments is trained in customer care so that they can provide care which will increase customer loyalty with our companies.